Googleplex landed for an hour or so

So what do you do when the Googleplex touches down near you, well like any curious bystander you go see what all the fuss is about.

Marissa one of the VP’s over at Google, she talked about the history of Google, how they do what they do, how they did it, and what might be the future.

It was interesting to note how she tackled the questions by the audience, a slew of Techie high school and college students mostly, but of more interest to me was how she interpreted the mythology of Google, attempting to paint a much smaller picture of a down home Palo Alto firm rather than the mighty Behometh they are.

It was also surprising that neither by her or the audience was the loss of edge that thcompany is feeling these days, most probably becasue it’s mammothness is now as much of a political force and so under the same watchful eyes of governments.  At any rate, though the fielding of that continual drama unfolding in our midst was largely skirted, some helpful hints of possibly how to grow one’s business and become part of the Google Game Were hinted at quite a bit.

!.  Was an interesting concept of a thing called 20% work playtime, where employees were actively encouraged to pursue their own projects, and that 50% of their ideas come from that little part.

2. That good ad copy, especially with an eye to good colour use does help more searching.

3. Google makes about 1000 changes a year, that’s 3-4 a day. So this must beg the question of how important that a web site build be Code Standard Compliant. To note though, so much is filtered through their Ad Servers it looks like, that to try and get around not purchasing an Ad words package and expect to get high Search Engine results will also become more difficult as time goes on possibly.

4. The biggest thing that she divulged is in the fleshing out of projects and how to balance that precarious thing called data contant and design, to which she said you go with your gut mostly, and let data lead you more in direction from there. It’s a step by step thing, and you’ve got to try and keep the politiacal space as she called it, to a minimum.

Big question remaining after: what is this Irish Double tax evasion thing..


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